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Sue's Scones

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Today on the blog: thanking Jesus for good friends and great baked goods. 

Sue and her sweet family.

Sue and her sweet family.

My friend Sue rocks.  

She's my interior design role model - aka - she loves using lovely shades of blue and green for EVERYTHING. After all, what doesn't look better in ocean colors?  She's always willing to share her chocolate stash and understands that sometimes the middle of the afternoon is the perfect time for a pot of coffee.  Sue is also the person who introduced me to So You Think You Can Dance? - I'm pretty sure we watched this video on repeat together more than once. 

Besides being a lover of dance, coffee, chocolate and the colors of the sea, Sue is a great lover of Jesus.  We met when I started attending the church her and her husband Scott were planting in Silicon Valley.  In a season of life where I was single and far from home, Sue became like a spiritual sister to me, meeting for coffee, sharing pedicures and even traveling together to speak at the same women's conference, where we hid in the hotel and read magazines, like you do.  When I went through a tough season in my personal life, Sue chose to fast and pray for me and Jesus used her to speak words of encouragement straight to the heart.  

Sue, Sue's sister Jenny & I at the SYTYCD Live Show.  We screamed just as loud as the 6th grade girls below us.

Sue, Sue's sister Jenny & I at the SYTYCD Live Show.  We screamed just as loud as the 6th grade girls below us.

The other thing I just love about Sue is that she has made space in her life to pursue her dream of being a writer.  When we met, writing was a only a quiet desire in her heart and since then she has published 5 books!  Even though she's a busy mom raising three boys and supporting her husband in ministry, she's carved out time to become a sought-after speaker and writer.  

Sue's first book! 

Sue's first book! 

Though we're separated now by many miles and new season of life, I'll always be grateful for her, for her prayer, her example, her friendship, the way she spoke grace to me when I needed it.  But also for her scone recipe.  

You guys.  For real.  They are THE BEST!

It's become my go-to recipe when I have to take something to my mom's group or a Bible study, like 6 hours ago when I made them this morning.  So easy and they always turn out beautifully.  Plus they are not all hard and crumbly like some scones.  These scones are moist little triangles of buttermilk-y wonderfulness.  Add chocolate chips for a desserty feel or ham & cheese for a great camp-out breakfast.  

Make them with your afternoon pot of coffee (that's a thing, right?)  You will thank me! And if you need some funny to go with it, check out Sue's blog.  

Sue's Scones

2 C Flour

1 T baking powder

4 T sugar

½ C butter

1 C buttermilk

Mix dry ingredients.  Cut in butter until fine.  Stir in buttermilk.  Pat into a round on greased cookie sheet.  (I use my Williams Sonoma Scone Pan - so much fun.) Cut into 8 or 12 pieces—separate on cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 400 for 12-14 minutes.

Lemon—add the rind of one lemon to mixture.  Take out of oven and brush with lemon juice.sugar mixture when cool.

Chocolate chip—add 1 C chocolate chips.

Ham and Cheese—add 1 C cheese and 4-6 pieces of ham cut in small pieces.  

The chocolate chip variety - yum!