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On E-F-G's & Singing Your Song

Lindsey Smallwood

My toddler loves music.

He’s a singer and a clapper and a dancer and a drummer. He can’t help but do a little shimmy when he hears a good beat.

After naptime, he stands in front of the stereo, pointing and saying “Moo-dic? Moo-dic?” with a pleading smile.

His favorite is the “ABC” song. He loves to hear it and loves to sing along. He calls it EFGeeee. EFGeeee because that’s the only part of the song he actually knows.

Listening quietly to the first couple letters, he chimes in loudly when we get to E-F-G and then continues his exuberant refrain while I sing the rest of the song.

EFGeeee! EFGeeee! EFGeeee!

I smile and think “Sing, baby, sing.”

Eighteen months ago you couldn’t even sleep without help. But you know things now, you’re eating and walking and talking and singing. So what if you don’t know all the words?

Thank you for not waiting to be perfect to contribute your voice. 

Sing, baby, sing.

I’m trying to teach you the alphabet while right here in front of me you’re teaching me about pleasure and freedom. Utterly unselfconscious, you delight in the sounds tumbling from your mouth and filling the space around us.

You show me that some things are worth doing if only because you find them delightful. There isn’t always a deeper meaning or a step leading to something more. Joy is the reason you sing.

Sing, baby, sing.

Instead of worrying about what you don’t know yet, you’re using everything you’ve got. Three little letters and a simple refrain.

And you know something powerful. That happiness only grows when it’s shared. You look at me with your light-filled eyes and your song becomes an invitation to join you in your joy. How can I resist?

Sing, baby, sing.

And I’ll sing with you for as long as you’ll let me.

I’ll teach you about melody and rhythm and staying in tune and you can teach me about bravely being who you are along the way.

Sing, baby, sing.

And to you, sweet friends, whatever little bit of melody you've got going on in your heart today, here's hoping you're letting it sing.