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Coffee is Not Enough

Lindsey Smallwood

You guys. Tommy, my six month old, has a 104 degree fever, the sweet baby wants to nurse and be held all the livelong day and night. My toddler, Bobby, thinks Cheerios make a better floor decoration than breakfast food so I'm continually reacquainted with my friend Mr. Swiffer. My sweet husband Chris has a late meeting (again) and won't be home until bedtime. And I slept funny last Thursday and haven't been able to turn my neck in all the usual directions for days. 

It's been one of those stretches lately. Where your eyes cross a little and people look at you funny because they've asked you a question and you are just staring at their eyebrows. 

Presented to you in the whole, honest, embarrassing truth:

1) You try to open the door to your house by standing in front of it and clicking your car remote.

2) After putting on your shoes, you remember that you must first put on pants if you want to leave the house.

3) The clerk looks at you sympathetically when, after getting your 2 kids to the car, into the cart, around the grocery store (with your LIST, no less), and through the 3-person-deep checkout line, you realize you have left your wallet at home.  With the diapers.  Which you have also realized that you now need.

4) You "clean up" by putting the dirty diaper in the washing machine and throwing away the messy onesie.  When you realize your mistake, you fish out the dirty diaper but decide to just let the onesie go.  

5) When you find yourself thinking of your husband more than usual, you realize it's because you put on his deodorant this morning and the smell of Speed Stick is with you wherever you go.  

True stories, people.

Friends, are you tired? What sleepy-eyed moments are you finding yourself in this week?