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The Gift of Quiet

#wholemamaLindsey Smallwood

We're back at it with #wholemama week 3. This time - reflecting on our need for quiet spaces. 

My name is Lindsey and I love the noise
of music and chatting and life with small boys.
I've always liked being in the middle of things,
talking and laughing both make my heart sing.

But there's a part of us all that needs peace and quiet, 
even extroverts must find ways to try it.
For it's in the silence that still voice can speak.
It's in the quiet where the Spirit I meet.

When I schedule my days with action and friends 
& fill in with podcasts and words that I've penned, 
I miss out on time with the Best Friend of all
& space for my heart to again be enthralled -

- with the mystery and wonder we live in each day.
Sometimes, in noise, that magic fades away.
But it's there to be relished if I'll only stop,
and for a short time, allow for a swap. 

If I trade in my phone and my shows and my tunes
and my friends and my tweets so that I can attune
to the nothing, the empty yet full space around
where instead of my chaos there isn't a sound. 

In the practice of quiet, I don't think, I feel.
I sense gentle correction, I remember I'm healed. 
Sadness sometimes comes in my quiet place
as all that's been pent up suddenly has space. 

I am whole in the quiet, afresh and anew
because I am loved, not for what I do.
I am held in the quiet, if I choose to see
that my Maker and Keeper is quiet with me. 

And oh, when He speaks, what a wonder that I, 
can hear in my heart echoes from on high, 
calling me back to a place of Shalom,
with reminders that this world is not my home. 

In the quiet I'm readied for action, for life, 
to again be a friend, mother and wife. 
As the noise comes back and my world fills again
I give thanks for the gift of the pause. Amen.

Friends, do you love the silence or do you have to create the discipline to be quiet? What are you learning in your quiet places? I'd love to know more, leave me a comment below. 

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