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A #WholeMama Rap

#wholemamaLindsey Smallwood

This summer I'm linking up with other writers to focus on being a #WholeMama. Check out my intro video in which I wax poetic about some of these other ladies and follow the link below to join us!

Hi, my name is Lindsey,

I’m a mama that is whole.

But to make it through the summer

I need help to feed my soul.


I read about this project

On Esther Emery’s blog.

A lady writer I admire

Who builds homemade stuff from logs.


Then Ashley Hales posted a video - 

I really dig her writing too.

Check out Circling the Story

I think you’ll like it like I do.


Cara Meredith is joining

Which really made my day!

She’s a bad-ass funny mama

From the San Fransisco Bay.


And Velynn, oh Velynn,

You write like it’s on fire.

Sharing writing space with you

Could only bring me higher.


I haven’t yet met Sarah,

Ericka or Jamie,

But with this rockstar lineup

Chances are they’re off the chain-y.


So hey y’all I’m Lindsey,

Writing mama to 2 boys.

I drink my coffee decaf

And play teen pop over the noise.


I’m really looking forward to

This summer writing group.

While I rock my favorite mom jeans

Leading my own little troop.

Yay Whole Mama – see you soon.

Not yet a part of #WholeMama? Check out Esther's intro to see what it's all about. The fun starts next week.