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Singing a Morning Song

Lindsey Smallwood

Love me some Middle Places. I'm back there today with a story about reconnection and finding a way to enjoy the bleary eyed moments of motherhood...

Last Thursday morning my almost one-year-old woke up at 5:30 a.m.

I know there are parents whose children do this every day, but 5:30 is not my normal. 7:00 sometimes, 7:30 most mornings, 8:00 on the best days. To me 5:30 is still basically the middle of the night.

But middle of the night or not, sweet Tommy was singing his happy song and rearing to go.

Chris and I looked at each other, bleary eyed. We've been known to rock, paper, scissors for who has to do baby duty, but I think we were both afraid to lose and face the still-dark morning alone. So slowly, groaning, we pulled ourselves out of bed and faced the night/day with our smiling baby scooting across the floor.

Once we were showered and dressed and starting to see light streak in through the window, I asked Chris if he wanted to go on a date.

“Like now?” he asked.

“Why not?” I replied. “Might as well make the most of it!”

We woke our toddler, strapped the boys into the double stroller and set out for the quiet streets near our home.

It was a nearly magic morning, drinking iced lattes and sharing a muffin, listening to each other and laughing at jokes that somehow seem less funny when it’s 8:00 at night and we’ve worked all day and sprinted through the dinner/bathtime/story routine.

We reconnected that morning in a way we hadn’t in awhile – it was a gift.

Here’s the thing – the reason this morning stands out is because it is so completely out of the ordinary. I’m not a seize the day kind of girl. I’m more of a thank God for my day-planner lady. And if it’s not in the plan, I usually don’t make it happen.

I could have done the usual that morning – folded laundry, watched a Friends rerun, scrolled through my phone while bouncing my early-rising bundle of joy. But by embracing the (unwelcome) early wake-up call and seeing what could be and not just what was, we got a precious pocket of time instead of another rushed morning racing out the door.

There’s almost always room for what matters, even if it’s not on the schedule.

Sometimes you just need to be sung awake to remember.


Here’s to looking for what could be in your interruptions this week, may you find your own magic in unexpected places.