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Growing in Goodness

Lindsey SmallwoodComment

Over the summer, I taught a Bible study at our church on the fruit of Spirit. We did a little exercise in the beginning where we listed them out, these qualities that Paul defines in Galatians as evidence that we are living as people connected to Christ. I asked those who had come which ones they longed to grow in their own lives.

Not surprisingly, most people wanted more patience or recognized a need for deeper self-control. But when it came to “goodness,” only 2 lonely hands went up. Maybe it’s because everyone else is already exceeding in goodness, but I suspect it might be that while most of us have a handle on what it means to be loving and patient and kind, goodness is less obvious. It’s meaning is obscured to us because the word ‘good’ is used 100 times a day in our everyday lives and seems to be so subjective.

Still it’s an important idea, this notion that we need to be good, to practice goodness. Paul (and Moses, Solomon, David, Micah, Isaiah and Jesus before him) challenged us that our lives ought to be full of goodness.

As Christians, Christ followers, we believe we were created by God. We were made by Him to bear His image. The Imageo Dei, the image of God, is what makes us human in our essence. As His people, his representatives, his image bearers, there are certain things that we were created to do. One of those things is to be full of goodness. So what does it mean to be and to do good?

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