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Grace Running By

Lindsey Smallwood

Last weekend my husband ran the Bolder Boulder, a local 10K that loops through our city on Memorial Day morning. Roads were closed and barriers were up. Everywhere you looked there were people in spandex gear stretching, running, or cooling down. 

At each stage of the race there were musical groups serenading the runners and spectators. The final kilometer had the racers passing right in front of our parking lot where a troop of bagpipers blasted tunes like "Scotland the Brave" and "Loch Lomond" for the better part of the morning. 

The boys and I headed out to hear the music and watch the race, hoping to get to see Chris as he passed. Bobby loved the elaborate costumes some runners chose - we saw Teletubbies and Winnie the Pooh and the Incredible Hulk in a matter of minutes. 

As we were waiting and watching, I noticed a young man with an unusual gait coming up the road. He appeared to be blind and impacted by other disabilities. A taller man kept close behind him, wearing a shirt that said "GUIDE".

When they got a little closer, I could hear their conversation. 

Young man: "Am I doing it? Am I doing it? Am I doing it?"

Guide: "You're doing it! And we're almost there."

Young man: "Okay! Am I doing it? Am I doing it? Am I doing it?"

Guide: "You're doing it and you're doing a great job. The finish line is just ahead."

Young man: "Okay! Am I doing it? Am I doing it? Am I doing it?"

I began to cry as they passed, big, huge, deep from the heart tears. How often I wonder if I'm doing it, if I've got it the way it should be, if I'm headed in the right direction. I feel blind and lost and struggling so much of the time.

What I saw as those men ran by on the street was a beautiful right there in real life picture of how God loves us and guides us through tough places. As I stood there, snuggling my baby and watching them run, the bagpipes started again, this time with a rousing rendition of Amazing Grace.

And then I really lost it, just a big boo-hooy mess on the sidewalk. 

Because grace is amazing. And it had passed us on the street. 

Even when I'm lost, again, I'm found. 

Though blind, still yet, I see.