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The Loveliest Things

Lindsey Smallwood

So excited to be posting over at Stephanie May Wilson's blog today. Some local friends and I are doing her friendship small group study this summer, I can't wait. Stephanie writes in such an encouraging way! It's super fun to collaborate with her today.

1. Twinning

One of the most fun things about having boys just 14 months apart is dressing them alike. The cuteness factor is exponential, seriously I just melt at the cuteness! I know, I know, someday they’re probably going to submit my snapshots to Awkward Family Photos but in the meantime, yes please, I’ll take 2 of those tiny chambray button ups.

2. Finding My Jam

During Lent this year, I started writing again – songs, poems, stories, essays. At first it was a private way for me to process life during my Lenten break from social media. But I decided to turn it into a blog and it’s been an incredibly meaningful project, connecting with others online and discovering my own voice in new ways.

3) Girls Night Out

We recently moved across country and have only been living in our new hometown of Boulder, Colorado for a few months. But I’ve made an intentional effort to “go first“, inviting friends for coffee dates and play times. A few other moms I met at church and I have been meeting up after bedtime for a late night happy hour a couple times a month. It’s so much fun to connect with these women, trading stories and laughing the night away.

4) Making Bread

A new friend from Girl’s Night Out told us about a super simple recipe to make your own bread. It’s literally just flour, water, salt and yeast. You don’t have to knead it or anything. I gave it a try last weekend and it turned out so beautifully! The loaf is crusty outside and soft inside, just like you buy at a bakery. For real, you guys, the sandwiches at our house this week are fantastic. You can check out the step by step instructions here.

5) Family

A couple weeks ago we had a big family reunion. There were awkward moments and hard conversations but I felt so thankful to hear about my heritage and spend time with my people. My favorite part was getting to share my little guys with my 88 year old grandmother. My almost two year old especially loved going for rides on her walker and helping her find Waldo. Sweet memories.