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Lindsey Smallwood

On Tuesday I read Sarah Bessey's piece on Peacemaking in Iraq. Which led me to Ann Voskamp's story about her experience seeing the effects of ISIS on Iraqi children in particular. 

Here's Ann:

You can walk into any mall and buy a pair of NIKE running shoes for what they are buying a Christian or Yezidi girl from 1-9 years of age — $172 dollars. And she’s yours. For whatever you want, for as long as you want, to make do whatever you want. Sit with that. Yeah, we’re all done living in a world where a pair of shoes can last longer, have more worth, be treated with more value, than a fondled, raped and discarded 9 year-old-girl.

The United Nations reports this week that at least one young girl’s been “married” over 20 times — and forced at the end of each violation to undergo surgery to “restore” her virginity.

So it could be ripped open and destroyed by the next highest bidder.

Look — We’re all done with keeping up with the Kardashians or whatever flash of skin is being flaunted on red carpets — when there are little girls being devoured on bare concrete floors and we will keep company with Jesus and be the ones who do something about the things that breaks His heart.

I sit with 4 Yezidi mothers in a shipping container where they sleep.

They need someone to have enough courage to not turn away. That is us.

Reading this account (and the rest of it - please, read her story) left me heartsick and weepy and longing for a worldwide kingdom of peace and justice. 

Come Lord Jesus. 

Knowing that there was little to do but give what we can and hold them in prayer made me feel powerless. I sat and I prayed.

Come Lord Jesus.

It's the kind of awful situation that makes me ask "Really God? Are you awake? Do you see? How can you allow this?" A friend in our small group shared this week about a hard season she walked through where she was asking similar questions about a friend who was in a tragic accident. After some long days of doubt, she felt Jesus respond in prayer to her "This hurts me too."

The world is not as we wish it was. It's not how Jesus longs for it to be.

It hurts Him too.

Today I'm sharing a song about that powerless feeling, the longing for God's kingdom to come to the places where the problems seem so big and we seem so small. 

And I'm going to do something with my hurt, His hurt. However meager it may seem, I'm holding those families in prayer and giving money toward their future today.

Check out The Premptive Love Collation for more on how you can help. And join me in praying for these fellow bearers of God's image, these brothers and sisters who we don't know but still see in their deep hurt and suffering. 

The view from my window is street lights and palm trees

The cars passing by day and night

And those gardens keep growing with no signs of showing

The meaning for all of that life


Watching those gardens I think of the places

Where drought and disease do as they please

And I can’t help but wonder why here at home

All these beautiful things yet I feel so alone


The world keeps on spinning

My heart begins singing

Come Lord Jesus Come


Somewhere people are dying and children are crying

Hungry and tired in need of some hope

Outside my window those gardens are thriving

The world passes by without the way or the truth or the life


The world keeps on turning

My heart begins yearning

Come Lord Jesus Come


Come to this place so in need of redemption

Hear me sing now as I wrestle these tensions

I wish I could make it right

Just trying to figure out life

But the problems seem bigger than I know how to be

I just need you to be here now


The world keeps on spinning

My heart keeps on singing

Come Come Come

Come Lord Jesus Come