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Ecclesiastes: Life in Full Color

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Ecclesiastes: Life in Full Color


Now available - the 8 week study guide for small groups!

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Now available - the 8 week study guide for small groups!

Sometimes the Christian faith – and the Bible in particular – can feel like it’s made only for certain kinds of people. Those who are willing to wear rose-colored glasses, who believe that everything’s going to work out, who see sunshine behind every rain cloud. The things we teach and tell each other can reinforce the message that Christianity is no place for doubt, for questions, for struggling with the complexities of life.

Ecclesiastes is different.

This short book nestled in the middle of the Old Testament is a sacred space where doubters and seekers and strugglers are welcome to sit and be heard. It’s the musings of a man searching for the meaning of life and seeming to find more questions than answers.

In Ecclesiastes, we’re free to see life in all its many colors.

The swirling blue-greys of confusion, the aquamarine sparkle of joy, the yellow of melancholy boredom – they’re all here. This eight-week study of Ecclesiastes will help you live into these colors by asking big questions, telling the truth about life’s challenges, and learning to be more present to this one colorful life you've been given.

The book includes devotional reflections, study helps, a leader's guide, a weekly meeting outline and access to all eight talks written to accompany the study guide. Check out the sample chapter below:

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Ecclesiastes: Week One

••• Link to Video/Lyrics for "My Worth is Not in What I Own" from Week One talk - •••

Ecclesiastes: Week Two

Ecclesiastes: Week Three

This week, before you watch the video, listen to Lindsey's song Far Away. The lyrics are located in chapter 2 of the workbook. As you listen, look for the themes also present in Ecclesiastes chapters 1 & 2. 

Ecclesiastes: Week Four

Week Four Bonus! In your small groups, check out Lindsey's song God of Every Season, looking for connections with Ecclesiastes chapter 3. The lyrics are available here:

Ecclesiastes: Week Five

Ecclesiastes: Week Six

Ecclesiastes: Week Seven

Ecclesiastes: Week Eight